I started to take photographs in 2006 after I had saved enough money to buy a camera. My interest in capturing every days life and the world I am living in, was mostly the reason to do so. Photography also opened a door for me. I went to places I would never go without the intention to take pictures. It opened the door to discover the great outdoors and see places with my own eyes I just knew from magazines. I started hiking to get to places where no motorized vehicle can go. I found a deeper meaning in trail-running not only as a wonderful endurance sport, but to run over mountains and through woods with the unselfconsciousness of a child. That is how I see my works. Nowadays my focus in photography is clearly set on landscape and outdoor activities.

Pictures taken during travels to Iceland, Corsica, France, UK, China, Austria and the USA.


Matthias Kodym
+43 699 112 415 75
Puchberg am Schneeberg, Austria/Europe
Available for freelance work.

all pictures taken between 2006-2012, © Matthias Kodym