An autumn trailrun

During summer I haven´t taken any pictures while I was out running. When I´m running than I´m running and i do not like to interrupt this with stopping and set the camera for snapshots. Today was kind of different I took my iPhone with me to „track“ the route and I felt like taking some snaps of the trails where I spend the whole summer not too far from where I life in Vienna.

The Cobenzl and Kahlenberg area became my favorite playgrounds here, during spring and summer I was out there nearby everyday. There was and still is a lot to discover, it took several weeks to get known of the area because it is that big with so many opportunities to go. It has everything, climbs, fast singletrails, technical downhills and of for sure forest roads (which i do not really like). On a clear day you can overlook the whole city of Vienna from there and that is something really fascinating.

After the GR20 hike I tried to get the „beat“ back in running where I started, on the street, starting at my front door. I soon figured out again that road running does not make sense to me. I really do not like it. Too much people, too bad air, nothing that inspires. It simply does not feel right for me.

So I guess I will get a strong headlamp soon so I can hit those trails also in dark winternights.

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