2010/2011 A year in review and a look into future

2010 was actually the year when it all started, I did my first solo trip of several day´s duration and I just loved it from the first steps on trail. I did some more and they where all great and a success in many ways. I raised this blog, which I really enjoy working on and I am thankful for every reader and comment.

When I was a child I always was fascinated and impressed when I heard storys from Canada and the United States. I also loved watching all those nature related movies from the great wild west. It was just a question of time when I would be able to go there and for what. After hundrets of kilometers I did this summer with and without my backpack I found out that the time is now and so I did some research for the right adventure and I guess I found it. I want to cross the United States by foot on a 4200km long trekking route called the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) starting in Campo California heading north into Canada. I am very excited about this journey and I am thinking nearby every second of it. They speak of record snowfalls this year in the Sierras and the many other higher regions along the trail but I see this just as another challenge, starting in April.

Thanks for reading, more trips and less gear for 2011!!!

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