Hiking the Crest, Big Bear City to Agua Dulce, (Mile 265-455, 19 Days)

Hiking out of Big Bear Lake felt good after an relaxing „zero day“ I had there. The weather forecast was quite acceptable for hiking, a little bit cooler and windy but dry. So I hiked out till it get dark and found a decent campsite, not too far from a river. Surprisingly it started to rain that night and temps dropped down near to freezing point. Just had my wind-shirt with me for the next 110 miles so I knew the morning would be could. Woke up at 5:30 and started hiking about 6:00. I felt really cold in this gusts of wind with snow and rain. 3 hours further north I decided to make camp immediately because I was unable to tie my shoes because my fingers where frozen. Once in my sleeping bag I felt better and fell asleep. 4 ours later the rain stopped and the warmth of the sun woke me up. I dried my soaked gear and hiked on. I arrived late at Cajon Pass, there where no chances to camp at least you hike out for about 3 miles further. I had already 28 covered so this was not an option after that day. So I took a room at the motel there. Next day storm warnings and even more rain, stayed another day at the motel. The next 3 days where great, good hiking conditions again, climbed into the mountains over Mt. Baden-Powell, which was snow covered with difficult or no trail at all hiking which was challenging but very cool. Really big chunks of ice where falling off this huge pine trees all the time so a helmet would be better than an ice axe which I did not bring).
Funny fact is that I have not seen a single rattlesnake while hiking 455 miles in Southern California. Others hikers have seen them swallowing a rabbit!

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