Wörthersee Trail-Maniak 57k 2013


Having done this event in 2012 my initial goal for coming back this year was to look how I improved as a „runner“ during one year.
Despite spending most of my time running in the mountains I somehow like this course. Its really runable and not very technical at all (from my point of view).
So Mike, Volker and myself drove to Klagenfurt, spending the night in the hostel and racing the next day.
I have no idea why it took 7hours and 44minutes to cross that finish line last year. As far as I remember I really struggled after 30k and I was not able to run anymore not even on paved flat road.
That in mind I really took it slowly this year. Mike was gone with the front pack after the start, so I ran with Volker for more than the half of the race. Before Pyramidenkogel Volker had the drive to go faster which was good for him. We ran through a hornets nest somewhere where I got stung in my elbow. Ohters had to withdraw here because they got stung in their heads.
I maintained a slower steady pace till the top of the highest point of the course. I could have done more running on the climb but I hiked because I did not want to regret it later. On the downhill I almost crashed into a barbed wired fence. I had to hit the brakes hard and both of my legs started cramping immediately form that movement. All I could do was let myself fall back into the steep slope behind me. I never had cramps during running before so I had no Idea how to handle those. It felt like someone was pulling my muscles apart. After a couple of minutes It felt better, I took a salt pill had some water and made my way down. The running was not quite the same than before. Also I was afraid that the legs starting to cramp again.

All in all I have to say that I ran pretty mellow at a medium heart rate. At the end I was 1hour and 40mins faster than last year which is ok for me. Need more time to find my strengths. Maybe next year? Who knows….









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