My name is Matthias Kodym, I am 34 years old and based in Puchberg am Schneeberg/Austria.
I grew up with my family on the countryside of Lower Austria, playing in the woods behind our house, building forts and treehouses during the summer months and snowcaves in winter. I enjoyed maintaining my own trailsystems and gathering firewood as part of my child´s play whenever I was free from school. My love for the outdoors grew stronger with my father and grandfather who took me on hikes and skiing trips from early on.
Hiking long distances is just the way I like to travel. It combines my passion for endurance sports, my curiosity for the unknown, gives me an creative outlet in writing, video- & photography and matches perfectly with my aim to live a simple life.

I write this blog to share my nature and outdoor activities. While trying to focus on travelling and trip reports I would like to  share experiences with gear and other useful things along the trails.Less weight helps to enjoy the trip more and to go further. When you travel light you’re freer, less burdened and less tired. This applies to life too, not just to hiking.

Besides hiking and trail running I am interested in photography, writing and other sports like climbing, ski-mountaineering, packrafting, slacklineing and road cycling.

I will start to guide hiking and wilderness adventures in Puchberg am Schneeberg and all around Europe. I want to share my passion for the outdoors and my abilities I got form over 20.000 Kilometes of hiking and trail running with you. From day hikes and walks to multiple day trips along long-distance-trails, I will help to efficiently plan the trip and get you out on the trail.

Learn more about ultralight backpacking by scrolling through this sites and don’t hesitate asking me your questions!

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Companies/Gear reviews

The gear reviews you can find so far on this side are 100% independent and just from my point of view. I am not going to do anymore reviews unless I get the gear for free or for the purpose to write a review.
So if you are a company and want me to take out your products into the fields or advertise, feel free to drop me a line!

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